What You Should Know About Reusable Canvas Tote Bags

We use bags for diverse purposes, yes, essentially for carrying things. But since there are several things we carry, there are different kinds of bags to carry them in. While the multiple usages of bags have brought out the need to have various types of bags, we can mainly categorize them into two — disposable and reusable.

Sure, disposable bags come in very handy to us, but they are expensive and hazardous to the environment as they are disposed of in massive volumes. To ensure we lessen the harm we are causing to our environment by controlling waste production, we need to reuse our bags more often. Although the lifespan of a reusable bag depends on the material, the weight, and use of the bag, most of them last for a year (with heavy use), helping you save the environment. But, it’s not just about protecting the environment, we can also –

  • Own more durable and reliable bags
  • Save our money
  • Produce less plastic in landfills

Are Reusable Bags Dangerous?

Like with any other merchandise, reusable bags also, if not sanitized correctly after each use, can withhold dangerous viruses and bacteria. Microbiologists have found E. coli, salmonella, faecal coliform, and other harmful bacteria in reusable bags. These bags can be very active in transmitting viruses from your homes to grocery carts and checkout stands. And storing them in a hot trunk can cause further damage, as the bacteria can then grow 10 times faster. But this shouldn’t worry you if you know how to sanitize these bags properly.

How to Sanitize a Reusable Bag?

What with the COVID-19 and the safety measures we have been taking to fight against the virus, you must be knowing the basics of sanitization already. Here’s how to take care of reusable bags! With fabric bags, you can just toss them in the washing machine; but it’s unsuitable for other reusable bags. You need to wipe them down with a disinfecting wipe or spray or wash them in warm, soapy water. To ensure complete cleanliness, you’ll want to do this after each use and especially after bringing meat home. This surely might seem like a dreadful task to many of you out there, so I’ll give you the most competent style of the fabric weave for reusable tote bags — Canvas!

Why Choose Canvas Tote Bags?

Canvas bags rarely require cleaning, and the process of cleaning them is also very easy. What you need is a mild detergent, a cleaning rag, and cold water. So you neither need a washing machine nor a dry cleaner. All you need to do is rinse your cleaning rag, add the laundry detergent to it, and blot the bag with it. Once clean, lay the tote flat and allow it to air dry. Here’s some more information on canvas tote bags.

Canvas material has been used for sails, tents and even painting. It is sourced from the environment naturally, making it the perfect choice for those who are environmentally conscience. With a simple waterproof coating treatment, this fabric becomes impermeable in rain or shine. Canvas material is also especially suitable for custom canvas tote bags due to its flexibility. The material is lightweight and holds the ink firmly without allowing bleeding or flaking of the design. Let me bust a myth for you here! Canvas is not a piece of fabric like cotton is. Canvas can be made from cotton through a special weaving process, so the canvas is not a fabric in itself, but the style of weave.

Cotton and Canvas Tote Bags, How do They Vary?

Canvas tote bags can be made from other materials and not just cotton, and they are much sturdier than any cotton bag. Cotton tote bags sure work well temporarily but with light use, but canvas tote bags are more durable and can withstand continuous wear and tear, making them much better than canvas. They are heavier duty than cotton tote bags as a result of the intricate weaving process used during manufacturing.

Also, iron-on logos, screen printed designs, and heat transfer applications work much better on canvas with little effort. Its robust nature makes wholesale blank canvas tote bags an exceptional choice for you. They tend to be heavier, weighing between 8 oz and 24 oz, making them the best, most eco-friendly and durable promotional item for you to sport your brand.

Packing it Up!

The most eco-friendly aspect of these canvas bags stems from its reusability, which saves us all from the use of harmful plastic bags that collect in oceans and at the bottom of dumps every year. But that’s not it! Wholesale canvas tote bags also make superior promotional items. Blank canvas tote bags on wholesale are becoming more winning among businesses, and many brands are using them as promotional articles. Here’s how any business, large or small, can use canvas tote bags to promote their brand.

  • You can use these bags as giveaways at a trade show since they are easily customizable. You can simply add your logo to these custom canvas tote bags, and allow the wearers to sport your brand everywhere they go.
  • Use them in your grocery stores by replacing the plastic bags with these eco-friendly tote bags, attracting your environmentally conscious customers towards your brand.
  • Use them at schools or colleges to help students carry their textbooks, notebooks, or even laptops. Also, investing in these wholesale canvas tote bags can help you serve a fashion statement.
  • Have these lightweight totes printed with your logo and provide them to your employees so they can carry portfolios or even lunch to the office every day, while they are selling your brand around.

Tote bags are perfect even for daily use as they are very convenient and can be used to carry almost anything. They also come in different sizes, adding more to the benefits of using them. So, head to our website right away to learn more about our blank canvas tote bags on wholesale, other business promotional items, or to get a free quote!




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