How Reusable Bags and Promotional Products Go Together

So, for your business, you’re looking for custom tote bags in Australia, and you’re very doubtful if you should be going for these bags or something else. Well, my suggestion to you is that these bags are great as promotional products! Why? Because these tote bags make for exceptionally reusable grocery bags, and that makes them a greater choice compared to other promotional products. How would cheap reusable grocery bags matter, you ask? I’m going to tell you how. Keep reading!

Whether you’re looking for strong bags, adorable printed options, or insulated versions that keep food fresh, these reusable products are what you need grocery shop in an eco-friendly way. Learn eight reasons here to use reusable grocery bags, totes especially!

8 Reasons to Go for Reusable Tote Grocery Bags

Let me first explain to you why reusable tote grocery bags accommodate all requirements then I’ll tell you why they make remarkable promotional products.


Totes are wonderful because they stay open and you can use them like a crate. You can literally throw the items in these bags and just keep piling them on. This makes it very easy to use, and come on, who wouldn’t want an effortless shopping experience?! Especially if you shop very often, for groceries and other essentials!


Most reusable tote bags can carry up to 50 pounds worth of items at once, even though they may look flimsy. They not only hold up to grocery shopping but also heavy books. Also, these large-capacity bags are strong enough to hold way more groceries than a single-use bag, helping you ditch single-use plastic.


These reusable bags come with a flat, reinforced bottom and long handles that rest comfortably on your shoulders. These straps are durable and reinforced on the front and the back of the bag for added support. Even with all this reinforcement, they are not only waterproof but also folded into a compact pouch easily. They fold flat, so you can stack them in the car or a kitchen drawer without using a lot of space for them.


Most of these tote bags come with small, medium, or large compartments to store your fruits and vegetables separately. People who are worried about perishable items going bad may want to use cheap reusable grocery bags like these. This feature of easy organization allowed by these bags also help one stay away from using disposable grocery bags.


One of the big reasons one would want to use single-use plastic is that since they are disposable, they do not need to put in a lot of efforts in cleaning them. But with reusable totes, you not only get a durable product that saves your money but also an option of easy cleaning that allows you to toss the bag in your washing machine with your clothes.


You might have come across many people in your family, your friendships, or your neighbourhood that just hates making more than one trip carrying groceries from the car to their house. Here’s where the diversity of sizes in reusable grocery bags proves advantageous. The sizes range from small to large, suiting all different shopping needs.


Here’s the piece that is more welcome by the millennials or the Gen Z! These highly durable bags can also get as fashionable as they want. They come in a variety of different colours, styles, and fun prints. Also, these reusable tote grocery bags can cater to the minimalists that love the simple look.


Beyond their adorability, let me mention another obvious point here. It’s not just plastic grocery bags that are harmful to the environment; single-use bags are just as bad! This is why it’s necessary for us as individuals, and as businesses, to invest in more reusable products like tote grocery bags. They not only help us and others stop the use of plastic, but these bags themselves are easily bio-degradable.

So, if you’re looking for reusable grocery bags in Australia, you know you should be going for totes!

Promoting Brands Through Custom Tote Bags

When investing in promotional reusable grocery bags, you will find that tote bags as eco-friendly alternatives for plastic also serve another purpose. Sure, they attract people because they don’t harm the environment. But another reason for you to invest in them as promotional products is that they create a good impression of your brand on them. With these bags, your brand will be portraying how your business is taking a step towards fighting against plastic waste and land and water pollution. Another big reason for you to invest in these bags is that they are very inexpensive compared to other promotional items.

Let me give you some examples of how you can use these reusable grocery bags in Australia to promote your brand.

  • You can use them as giveaways at a trade show.
  • Offer them as prizes at an event you are holding at your office.
  • Provide them to your existing customers for their loyalty.
  • Give them to your potential customers as freebies to expand your brand reach.
  • Present them to your newly-hired employees on their onboarding.

Do these and rest assured that these tote bags will increase the visibility of your brand very highly.

Packing it Up!

So there’s your answer — totes are your promotional reusable grocery bags! Now I’m hoping that I’ve made your task easy. Which task? Your task of deciding if custom tote bags can serve the responsibility that you expect it to, and do it successfully. Their high usability, durability, and eco-friendly ability allow you higher chances of marketing your brand. No matter who you offer them too — the young, the middle-aged, or the old — they’ll be carrying your brand everywhere, all the time! So head to our website right away to purchase our custom tote bags in Australia and customize them to your brand’s desire! You can even go for plain and simple bags and just add your logo to make them your vehicles of brand promotion. And don’t forget, hopping on to our website now will give a free quote!




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