Cotton Tote Bags: Your Response to the ‘No Plastic’ Movement

Why are we talking about a plastic bag when plastic is used in so many other things that end up polluting the oceans or landfills? Yes, plastic is found everywhere from our household items, kitchenware, food, and beverages. And most of such items are single-use, adding more barriers to saving our environment. But your small role in switching your bag from plastic to cotton tote can have a tremendous impact. Especially considering how you can promote your brand using wholesale cotton pouches instead of plastic bags, you would also be getting more benefits. Find out what they are!

6 Benefits of Printed Cotton Tote Bags

Here’s what you get to do when you use cotton over plastic.

  1. Produce Lesser Waste

Plastic is everywhere in our daily life since it is used to carry various goods like food, personal care products, clothes, etc. But they are an environmental hazard for not being easily broken down by organisms. Plastic wraps, for example, take 5–10 years to degrade, if the condition is perfect. So in 15 years, can you imagine the waste we would be living around with if we do not stop the use of plastic and the condition is not perfect for it to degrade?

With growing populations being crammed into small spaces, the state of waste management is also deteriorating. The landfills are more detrimental now, and we can do our small bit by not adding any more waste to it, primarily by restraining the consumption of single-use plastic. Reusing bags to manage at least plastic waste will help the environment, and keep our streets and surroundings much cleaner. If you go for printed custom cotton tote bags, your organization would be playing a part in helping people produce lesser waste overall. These bags are also harmless to our environment since they take roughly only 1–5 months to break down once discarded.

2. Decrease Land and Water Pollution

Unnecessary usage of plastic affects the environment, and it can harm wildlife and us, humans, very seriously when we consume plastic through our food. For organizations, be it small or large, it becomes a responsibility to reduce as much plastic waste as possible. You can do this by not providing your employees/clients/customers with custom plastic bags. What do you do then? promotional tote bags, made of cotton, are a better option, as they are biodegradable. They take significantly less time to break down into carbon dioxide, water, and natural minerals and hence cause no harm since they are absorbed back into the soil easily.

3. Move Towards a Safer Environment

Why is plastic production as harmful as plastic waste? Plastic production includes the use of fossil fuels, which are already on depleting levels. But on the other hand, cotton bags are produced without the use of harmful chemicals, and therefore leave no toxic waste. So they are much less harmful, and a more suitable choice to use for carrying goods.

Also, one of the most significant reasons for preferring the use of a particular material in place of plastic is that it is highly durable, and therefore, reusable. Reusable cotton bags, for example, not only help you do your part in saving the earth, but they also go easy on the pocket. So if you’re looking for bags that are both safe for the environment and come at an easy price with high durability, cotton tote bags are the ones!

4. Invest in the future

Plastic products in most countries are taxed at a certain amount. You, then, can easily save money for your company if you choose reusable cotton bags instead of plastic. And don’t forget that these bags have a bigger shelf life than plastic bags, which again save extra money for you. The endurance of these bags becomes an exceptional long-term investment for your clients and customers if you go for custom cotton bags printed with your logo, making your brand more positive and winning. Also, many countries and cities have banned the use of plastic, so it’s always better to stop using plastic and instead adopting a better material for bags.

5. Improve Brand Promotion

A good bag turns the carrier into a walking billboard. All you need to do is find the most competent bag, customize it according to your brand, and add your logo! Custom cotton tote bags offer a way better look than plastic can. What’s better than better looking, eco-friendly products that you can customize according to your brand? Nothing! It also offers you a better way to showcase your logo to make your brand more appealing. This better look not only promotes attraction towards your brand but also puts you much further than your competitors by allowing you to put forth your company values of being a responsible brand and saving the environment.

6. Sleep Better

When do you have a good sleep at night? When there is no stress, no unfinished work, and especially when you know you’ve done something nice for another person. By adopting the use of eco-friendly products like cotton bags, you’re not only supporting your environment but also helping others and saving animals from consuming micro-plastic substances that invade oceans and the land. This will definitely make you feel good about yourself, and you get to have a sound sleep.

Packing it Up!

The information on the benefits you would gain with cotton tote bags ends here, and so does your search for such excellent bags! Our collection of eco-friendly cotton tote bags will have anyone falling in love with them. If you’re using our custom cotton bags printed with your logo, you automatically create a better impression of your brand; and can –

  • Attract a growing audience
  • Build a good reputation
  • Be ahead of your competitors

You can not only find these wonderful cotton pouches on wholesale with us, but you get to customize them to parallel them to your brand, so check them out on our website. Also, get your free quote right now!




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