A Case Study on How Promotional Calico Bags Helped a Business

This is a detailed case study on the process of how a business approached us and we helped them with these bags as per their requirement. And We thought writing about the process and details will help you understand the demand these Eco-friendly custom bags have and the process of how to place the order and other things better. So, let us start with the company that reached out to us for bags and their requirement details



Industry: Multiple Sectors

Locations: Queensland, Australia

About the company:

BUNDABERG REGIONAL COUNCIL is the commercial enterprise capital of the region in QLD Australia. It covers an area of around 6451 Sq Ft accommodating more than 90000 people. A great tourist location that is developing rapidly and becoming the best designation for residents, visitors and investors.

Requirement: As the usage of plastic bags has been banned in Queensland which is one great step taken by the government the council decided to raise awareness by using Eco-Friendly Bags and pushing them to local trades and for this, they need a bulk quantity of bags.

And these are their requirements and how we came up with wonderful Bulk Custom Calico bags for them

· They are looking for bags that are completely eco-friendly and also made of high quality so that they can be reused several times

· And these eco bags should be under their budget with print on them as they have a limited budget for them.

· They also had very little time and need a quick turnaround

· As they have a limited budget and also, they had a very limited time and needed bags by that deadline.

· And lastly, a bag that is made of high-quality material and also good looking attract more people towards eco products and leave the plastic behind.

And we came up with a bag choice and they loved the idea instantly and that is

· Custom calico bags with logo printed on them

· These bags are biodegradable, enviro-friendly and eco friendly

· As they are looking for a bulk quantity of bags in the short time we have taken partial delivery from local stock and proposed a balanced offshore print. So we can meet the budget they are looking for in the time frame which works great.

· Coming to the bags the calico is one of the strongest and natural bags we have and a perfect bags for plastic bags ban.

· And these are reusable tote bags, one bag can be used for more than 10 months without any complaint.

Product: Custom Printed Calico Bags

· Product Details:

We have suggested these bags as they are eco and reusable and the customer loved them instantly and worked with us for the perfect design and print.

What is the reason they are purchasing these bags for?

They want to give out these bags to their local stores as plastic bags have been banned in Queensland.


This is the review we got from Beau Jackson Marketing Adviser and we want to share it here in his words

“Bags247 is professionally run & Chris was not only responsive but quick to understand the objectives of the campaign. The Council evaluated 4 suppliers for the job & discovered Bags247 the most suitable to fulfil the supply. Bags were handed out to local businesses & traders community to create awareness on the plastic bag ban in QLD from the 1st of July 2018. Local bags were delivered timely, quality of print & product is fantastic. I’d rate 8/10 for their product & 10/10 for their service. We’d definitely be coming back for more.” — Beau Jackson Marketing Adviser




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